What is a modern human being?

It’s time to change what it means to be a modern human being.

A modern human being is:


We have access to a universe of information. We propose adding some rigor to what you consume.

A person must be informed on the world around them. They must be well read and knowledgeable. This means understanding different religions, following world news and knowing just how that whisky in your glass is made.

While it is impossible to know everything, a modern human being is always striving to call the first part of this sentence a lie.


The world is not cut into “us” and “them”. We are a race of humans that are a mosaic of colours, identities and ideas. A modern human being is respectful of other’s jib, regardless of the cut, colour or direction it is pointing.

What if this mosaic is something beautiful that can work together?

Imagine all the people sharing all the world — John Lennon


There is so much happening around us at any time and we have access to all of it. A modern person aspires to experience as much of the world as is possible.

This means taking time out of your life for others creations such as plays and symphonies, it also means creating things of your own.

The creations of makers can inspire you, change your mind or even make you feel something you didn’t realize you cared about.

Self Sufficient

In a world where the skills to take care of yourself are a click away, you should never need to rely on others for any part of your life.

A modern human being will cook, groom themselves and more without needing others (though will accept help of course.)

This extends to technology. One can survive if needed in any situation, even the less ‘classy’ ones. Starting a fire or fishing will be second nature.


We have one body. It’s time to take care of it.

An Explorer

The world is just waiting to be experienced. All people should be travelers of at least their home country but more if at all possible. Nothing is the same until you’ve seen the remote parts of Burma or felt the pulse of a city larger than New York.

A modern human being has camped alone after hiking into a place miles away from civilization. He has flown to the furthest reaches of the planet and dived to the deepest lakes of his local area.

This is a digital compendium

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